Shhhhh!  I'm trying to nap!

Shhhhh! I'm trying to nap!




When I go on my walks, I come across these steel thingies.  I do NOT like these things!  I stop, and make sure I take wide detour.  My dad laughs, and sez they are just drains for rain water.  He sez the rain goes down these things, down the hill, and alllllll the way to the ocean.

The ocean?  Hah!  No way do rain drops make it all the way to the ocean!  Lookee here:


This picture is from one of the decks at our house.  Dad sez that where you see the sky end is a place called “long beach.”  Long beach!??  How can it be a long beach when you can’t see da ocean???  There’s no way rain drops can make it all the way there!  I think my dad’s joking again.  He can be a jokester, so sometimes I think he sez these things just cuz I’ m a dog!

Well, I don’t think these are rain water thingies!  They look too evil!  I think it’s a trap door to China, where I heard they once actually ate doggies!  Or, a trap door to a den of hyenas.  Or sumthin.  Not gonna walk on these things ever!

I’m a blond and leggy Southern California girl, and there are times when I just can’t go out on my walk without stylin’ for the masses!  So today I tried on my red outfit.

Hmmmm – looks like more of an evening wear thingie, dontcha think?Bruin in Red

These are some of my favorite things!

These are some of my favorite things!

Well, I’d really like to talk about stuff I like to do, things I like to play with, and what I eat!  What else is there?  Oh, yeah, sleepin’.  I’ll talk about that too!

But first, I gotta check to make sure I won’t get in trouble here!  My dad keeps laughing when I play with my rope toys cuz, he sez, I play with them so much I ought to smoke them!  Huh?  He sez they’re somethin’ called “hemp,” and they might be illegal!

First, I don’t know why I would wanna set my rope toys on fire.  My dad sez that the smoke alone will make me forget them.  Then he laughs and sez if I like that, maybe I’d like brownies!  He knows I can’t have brownies! (My dad laughs a lot, doya think he might be teasing me?).

Anyway, do any other doggies out there play with these things?  Did they ever hafta go to one of those rooms with steel bars?

My name is Bruin.  I’m a middle-aged (never ask a lady how old she is!) terrier-chihuahua mix, even though my dad thinks I’m part whippet and part crazy.  I live with my dad and his son (my bruddah) in a house in the hills.

My good friend Daisy the Pretty Pink Pit Bull told me to nag my dad to start a blog so I could join this wonderful community of other doggies and other cool animals.  Thanks for the idea, Daisy!

More later, just wanted to give the world a big “Hi!.”